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Magpie Beauty

Magpie Beauty company was started in 2014 and I have been working with the brand ever since, they offer a wide variety of Gel colours which are 100% Gel, over 100 Glitters, Chromes and Pigments, and also have Builder Gels and Acrygel.

Magpie Gel Colours are fully manufactured here in the UK, with the brand based in the UK and a Nail Artist at the Helm meaning all these wonderful products are created for businesses like mine and follow all EU Regulations.

Magpie Gel Colours, Builder Gels and Acrygel are all Hema free, Vegan and Cruelty free!

Their company enables me to create nails and nail art to a high standard with any combination or design you can think of!

I'm also a Magpie Educator meaning I teach fully accredited course for anyone wanting to start a career in Nails or for any seasoned Tech who wants to convert to Magpie or build on their skills. Please email me for more information on the courses I have to offer.

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